Main Features:
* userfriendly and GUI based PIV tool
* multi-pass, multi-grid window deformation technique
* import bmp/ tiff/ jpeg image pairs/ series
* multiple image sequencing styles
* individual image masking and region of interest
* image pre-processing
* two different sub-pixel estimators
* multiple vector validation methods
* magnitude/ vorticity/ divergence/ shear / ...
* data smoothing, vector field highpass
* multiple colormaps
* streamlines
* extensive data extraction tools
* statistics
* synthetic PIV image generator
* Many data export features
* main features accessible via comand line scripting

PIVlab documentation

Further information can be found in a short software paper on PIVlab:

and in a chapter of my PhD thesis:

Questions can be asked in the forum:


  1. William,

    This is outstanding work. What are you seeking to do next?

  2. Miguel Alfonso MendezMay 21, 2014 at 3:41 PM

    Great Job, looking forward to read your thesis

  3. Hi William

    Really enjoy using this PIV package in Matlab. You really helped me in PhD. I have a question though, may I know what equations you use for deriving the simple shear rate and simple strain rate? Thanks a bunch!